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How to Make an Offer on a Home Stand Out

How to make an offer on a home stand out

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — If you’re lucky enough to find the house of your dreams, chances are it’s someone else’s dream home as well. But don’t get discouraged. There are ways to make your offer stand out without breaking the bank. Here are tips from The Mortgage Link.

Ask for a pre-inspection. This takes the place of an inspection contingency and is done before the buyer makes an offer. In this case the buyer would still receive the inspection report, but could make an offer with full knowledge of any issues. If you’d prefer the normal inspection contingency as a precaution, you could offer a shorter term, such as 5 days instead of 7, to appeal to the buyer.

Talk to the seller’s agent. There are ways to sway the seller to your favor that don’t include writing a bigger check. The seller may need to settle quickly, or they may need more time in the house. Be as flexible as possible when trying to appeal to the seller.

Write a letter. If the house is The One, express that to the seller. Let them know what you love about it and why you see your family living there. Be specific and tell them which rooms, characteristics you love about the house the most. It never hurts to stroke the ego of the seller and let them know you love the windows or that a bedroom would be perfect for your child. The seller will want the home to go to a family who loved it as much as they did to create new memories.

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